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Potato Chips – Most Selling Snacks of World

Grace Food Processing & Packaging Machinery producing the world’s best tasting potato chips production line, our snack industry leading end-to-end systems process and package for the highest quality potato chip snacks products. Potato Chips Manufacturing Machines designed as per factory layout. Guiding our customers with potato chips manufacturing process. Snack produced from Potato are growing in demand, contact us for making your potato chips brand with our high end potato chips production line.

Potato chips production line to high quality manufacturing machine of potato chips. Potato chips production line produces quality potato chips which brings value to our customer. Potato chips processing machinery designed precisely to get world most famous snack food potato chips. Complete Potato Processing Lines for Potato Chips to get tasty potato crisps.

Providing turnkey potato manufacturing machine solutions to ensure optimal production throughout the line. Our solutions include all the necessary equipment from raw potato input to packaging.

We have developed the perfect transportation system for the potato chips slice through the fryer, which ensures every single pieces of product get same retention time and no possibility to escapes from the laminar flow of frying oil and no possibility to escapes the flow to stay behind and get over cooked.

Potato chips processing line recommend to use blancher to reduce the sugar content from the potato slices to prevent quick dark colouring of the slices. Some manufacturers are using a conditioner with chemicals to prevent dark colouring of the slices. We believe a natural product is the desired product by the consumer, therefore avoid any chemicals in our process.

potato chips making machine
Potato Chips Production Line
Potato Chip Manufacturing Equipmen
Automatic potato chips line machine

Technical Specifications

Model GTL-300-PCL GTL-500-PCL GTL-500-PCL
Output 300 kg/hr 500 kg/hr 1000 kg/hr
Power Required 70 HP approx. 90 HP approx. 130 HP approx.
Floor Space 3000 Sq. ft. 4000 Sq. ft. 6000 Sq. ft.
Water Required 2000 liters / hr 3000 liters / hr 5500 liters / hr
Material of construction AISS-304 Grade SS AISS-304 Grade SS AISS-304 Grade SS
Oil Heating Fuel Option Diesel or Gas Diesel or Gas Diesel or Gas

Potato Unloading, Storage and Potato Handling

Raw potato handling is simplified as it enters the facility with equipment to unload and store potatoes prior to processing. Transfer conveyors, dirt removers, and bin storage systems handle large volumes of potatoes easily and gently. Transfer, feeding, and potato pumping water flume systems handle large volumes of potatoes easily and gently meter potatoes to processing.

Peeling and Grading

Achieve peeling control and high yield with batch or continuous peeling systems that deliver polished peeled potatoes and minimal peel loss. Inspection conveyors provide operator friendly access and full visual inspection. For removing the soil from the surface of the potatoes, to get the clean potato in next station of processing. Specially designed potato peeler to remove the maximum amount of skin form the potatoes


Using Pulse Electric Field Processing (PEF) Electroporation system provides significant product improvement in chip crunch, taste, and texture as well as reduction in acrylamide formation and oil content. The system also replaces or reduces the need to blanch.

Slicing Cutting

Potato Chips Cutting Machine fitted as per demand of processing line. Potato Slicer cutting in various production capacities and slicing type like plain and wavy chips. Whether it's preparation for delivery to the slicer or slicing the myriad of chip styles you need, we provide a variety of cutting systems. Plain and wrinkle cuts, precise thickness, high production capacity, comparative low maintenance.

Washing & Dewatering

Starch removing from the surface of potato slices along with scraps and fines from potato slices before they enter the fryer will increase production uptime as it helps to ensure the fryer is running at optimal efficiency. It will also protects the oil from damage. Potato sclie washing system are designed to separate slices, eliminate clusters, and feed a mono-layer of slices across the width of the fryer for uniform cooking and frying process.


Blanching potato slices before they enter the fryer. Potato chips blanching systems are designed to remove sugars from potato slices to produce lighter color chips as well as remove fines before the fryer. Washers are designed to separate slices, eliminate clusters, and feed a mono-layer of slices across the width of the fryer for uniform cooking. Heating of sliced potato chips into the hot water bath to certain temperature

Frying and Fryer Support Module

We provide more choices when it comes to selecting a new fryer. Choose from natural gas, oil, steam, thermal fluid or electric heating. Optimal product handling, uniform oil heating and flow control, efficient fines removal, fast oil turnover, and clean-in-place sanitation are all part of the fryer package that produces the highest quality product with a long shelf life. Significantly reduce the time and cost of fryer system installation by centralizing oil pumps, filters, valves, piping, and other components on a Fryer Support Module. Specially designed frying system with wire-mesh belt arranging with precise oil heating control and dwell time control get the optimum frying. Peddle arrangement for chips frying.

Oil Filtration, Heating, Cooling & Oil Storage

Remove particulate material from the frying oil to preserve oil quality and to help prevent spoiling of the end-product. While continuous frying operation the oil gets fines released from the product, which degrades the oil quality, in-order to remove those fines we use highly effective oil filtration system designed. More than 50 times the full volume of oil is passed through the filter in each hour of production.

Our cooking oil heating and energy recovery systems are designed to provide high energy efficiency, preserve the quality of the cooking oil, and maintain accurate temperature control for uniform cooking.

Save time by managing the cooking oil cooling process as you prepare the fryer for shut- down or sanitation. This also helps preserve cooking oil quality.  Safely transfer and store cooking oil during system cleaning or maintenance while preventing spoilage or solidification.

Product Cooling

When you do seasoning on hot product it will degrade the flavour and Potato chips is packed at appropriate temperature to ensure long self-life. Control the end of the cooking cycle by effectively managing the temperature of your cooked product. This ensures high quality as well as prepares it for the next stage of your process, such as seasoning or packaging.


Consistent and even seasoning system designed for Snack Flavouring. Flighted are designed for the potato chips with self-cleaning design. Our unbeatable seasoning showcase includes a variety of systems that provide consistent and uniform seasoning coverage for all kinds of snack foods. Potato chips need a coating to become tasty, this is done in a coating drum immediately after frying and de-oiling. The coating drum comes in various sizes and has on the inside a self-cleaning profile. To ensure uniform residence time, strips are mounted in the drum. The rotation speed of drum are variable.


Potato chips handling requires smart and gentle handling of the potato and chips both stages. Our conveying and product handling systems include product transfer systems, feeders, buffer hoppers and accumulation systems that provide a gentle, smart, and dependable product transfer solution. Hygienic designed and modular system for the food conveying system.


Complete packaging room solutions from in-feed conveyor system to VFFS bagmaker, and everything in-between. Our single-source snack food packaging systems provide leveraged and predictive automation with seamless integration. High end multihead weighing system with high speed VFFS bagger.

Support Structures

The mezzanine and support structure for Peeling, Slicing unit and Packaging Machine. We design customized modular platforms and support structures that dramatically reduce time and cost of equipment installation. All support structures are designed with hygiene and safety in mind.

Grace Processing & Packaging® leading manufacturer of Industrial Potato chips manufacturing equipment and production lines for fully integrated automatic potato chip production machines from India. Grace Food Processing & Packaging Machinery, Manufacturer of Potato Chips Making Machine integrated with Potato Chips Packing machine.
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