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The well-engineered production solutions and easy to maintain and clean machines by GRACE will convince you. Whether you have need for a small system with a capacity of 1000 kg/hr or you require an industrial-type production line of up to 10 ton/hr, contact us. You will be surprised what the scalable architecture of GRACE productions solutions have to offer you.

Production Capacity: in kg/h 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 7000, 10000 We customize the production need as per the customer demand.
Frozen French Fries Production Line
Frozen French Fries
French Fries


Cyclone destoner

The cyclone destoner is used to remove stones and mud shells. Gradients and flow rates determine the optimal result. Among the many distinguishing features of the cyclone destoner are a reliable stainless-steel pump, a 5-mm thick cone. A practical and reliable system that delivers results with no-nonsense technology. The system is available in different capacities, up to 25 tons per hour.

Tank Destoner

Tank Destoner has been designed to gently separate stones from produce. The Potato is infeed into the tank with water. The Auger conveyor taken the potato upward. The mud and stones get separates from the potato.

Drum washer

The drum washer will remove soil, clay, and sand from the potatoes through the principle of mutual friction. Steel strips alternately positioned on the surface of the direct driven drum and on either side contain smooth and trim edges. This means that no unevenness will damage the potato. This washer's excellent access means it's easy to maintain. Naturally, the device also reduces your water consumption.


GRACE has become one of the leading specialists in potato steam peeling due to continuous innovation in this technology.

To achieve excellent results when steam peeling potatoes, GRACE knows what parameter settings are required to optimize peeling results with the least amount of peel loss and minimal energy consumption. All GRACE peelers are manufactured with the latest technologies, incorporating easy maintenance and easy cleaning, giving them a low energy consumption and robust performance.

Steam Peeler

By offering maximum yields at the shortest cycle time, GRACE Steam Peeler sets a new standard in steam peeling systems. Revolutionize food peeling with Steam Peeling line. Our innovative solution for efficient and sustainable peeling in the food industry. Steam peeling is the most efficient method of removing skin from vegetables and fruit. Steam peelers peel potatoes, root vegetables.

Dry Brush Peeler

Dry brush machines are used to remove the potato peel after steam peeling. A rotating brush will make sure that the smooth surface of the peeled potato remains intact. The gear-drive system is strong, durable, wear-proof and automatic to ensure vibration-free, wear-proof and fault-free operation. This will make maintenance episodes extremely short and easy to manage, resulting in minimal cleaning and maintenance intervals.

Abrasive Peeler

The abrasive peeler excels in its simplicity, efficiency and minimum footprint, guaranteeing smooth and clean results every time. Ideal for potato chips lines and other small scale potato processing lines. Potatoes are fed into a bed of rotating abrasive rolls. The abrasive surface of the rolls peels the potatoes both directly--by rubbing against the skin of the potatoes--and indirectly--by generating a tumbling motion in the bed that forces the potatoes to rub against one another. Water is then used to flush the peel waste from the bed.

They're available as batch machines or continuous — continuous allows for more throughput and consistent results throughout a production run.


Producing a high-quality product requires accurate cutting tools. Due to this, GRACE has made major contributions to the creation of the market standard with the QuadraFlow. The tensioning knives guarantee further improvements in cutting results.

Hydrocutting Machines

Our hydrocutting systems have been the global standard for some of the largest food brands for decades. We use that experience and innovative technology to provide precise, durable, high-volume cutting to food processors all over the world – from well-known French fry manufacturers to pickles, carrots sticks, and other fruit and vegetable applications. Our durable, easily maintained, and easy to run machines help you significantly increase production and grow your business.nd maintenance intervals.

Mechanical cutting Machine

Over the years, we has built strong partnerships with leading potato processors worldwide. Our mechanical cutting solutions are known for their reliability, high capacity and cut quality. Their overall goal is fryer stability. We understand the impact of cut accuracy on the frying step, preventing acrylamide formation, reducing scrap, preventing excess moisture and optimising oil uptake.

Specially designed for potato cutting to assure regular cuts, maximum length, and minimum breakage and feathering. These advanced machines feature specially designed infeed systems that maximise output by guiding potatoes into the drum with perfect orientation. They are then guided from the infeed chute by specialised impellers with grooved paddles for optimised yield and control of the crinkle pattern. We work with you to configure your machine exactly to your needs, with the perfect choice of impeller wheel, precision blade and auxiliary tools for flexible, safe and effortless operation.


There are a variety of mechanical and optical sorting solutions available. Quality improvement, production yield, and customer requirements determine the most effective solution for each specific situation. These factors apply to potatoes as well as cut products. Having a variety of sorting options, easy adjustments, and maintenance-free technology assures a reliable and flexible production process.

Sliver Remover

This sliver remover will remove as much as 98% of the cutting residue on your product. The stainless steel used for the fabrication of this machine makes it low maintenance and corrosion-resistant. The roller drive has been hermetically sealed on the inside to prevent any contamination. The sliver remover is also constantly adjustable, and its high level of accuracy is determined largely by the diameter and rotation speed of its rollers.

Length grader

With the French fry length grader, you can arrange the French fries in one, two, or three layers of different lengths to suit the end product you wish for. The vibration chute is provided with two decks of interchangeable sieves that determine the accuracy of sorting. The unbalance motors are responsible for ensuring that the product is transported and sorted properly by manipulating vibrations within the motors.


A correctly blanched cut product will make further processing more efficient. A blanching process can influence the crispness after frying, the shelf life after packaging, as well as the colour and firmness of the end product. We combine an accurate blanching time and temperature setting with a robust, low maintenance design.

Our many years of experience have helped us design well-considered and efficient blanchers for various processing lines. These are now exported all over the world and are maximizing tons of potatoes.

Screw type blancher

French fries, potato flakes, potato mash, and screw blanchers can all be produced with this type of blancher. We offer a variety of screw blancher types and sizes. Intense pump systems ensure an equal distribution of temperature, and product outfeed can be carried out by a ferris wheel, whether it is driven separately, by a pump, or by a screw. There is a solution that is perfectly suited to each application.

The blancher focuses on the effectiveness of temperature and product flow. Blanching is a precise process depending on a stable temperature and correct water circulation. The technology provides an even water temperature throughout the entire machine.

Belt type dipping blancher

Used for blanching on a perforated stainless steel belt & side chains. The water is heated though the stream boiler. The Product pass through the blancher with dipping in the water. Product comes out from the discharge end.


It is important to dry the product properly before it is fried. By doing this, you will be able to achieve higher quality, crispier end product. The drying process may be carried out with heat recovered from the frying process. The technique combines high quality and sustainability.


The belt dryer transports the product within a conditioned environment, where heated air provides control and equal drying. Freshly blanched hot product enters the belt dryer where it is dried by air circulation to prepare for the next step in the process. Achieving the right drying degree is a challenging but controllable process. The result will be an even and consistent product outfeed, which is necessary for your frying process.

Belt type dipping blancher

Used for blanching on a perforated stainless steel belt & side chains. The water is heated though the stream boiler. The Product pass through the blancher with dipping in the water. Product comes out from the discharge end.


The coating of potato products requires special frying requirements. A complete coating system consists of the batter coating, the preparation of the coating, an efficient application of the coating and an extra fryer with integrated oil filter system.

Coating has many uses. Various herbs and spices may be added to the batter, allowing different flavours to be applied to potato chips, wedges or slices. With a thin layer of starch, potato chips will remain crisper and hotter for longer. Drive-in restaurants and fast-food chains can benefit greatly from this type of potato chip production

Coating preparation system

The GRACE coating preparation system prepares and conditions the batter for usage in the coating application line. By mixing ingredients in a well-balanced ratio and keeping them in the best conditions, the systems ensures an homogeneous batter. A multiple-tank system ensures ripening, settling, and distribution of batter. The temperature and viscosity are continually monitored and optimized.

Coating enrobing system

The coating enrobing system consists of an applicator which covers the products from top and bottom with coating. For thicker batter there is an option for a submerging system for better coverage. A number of drip-off belts equipped with air knives remove excessive batter from the product. The coating enrobing system uses a special conveyor belt with bars to avoid carry-over of batter from the applicator.

Frying and Fryer Support Module for French Fries

Whether producing French fries, potato chips, or pellet snacks, frying is a critical process that requires a consistently high temperature, regular steam discharge, and a short transit time to achieve quality results. GRACE fryers are regarded as a global standard of excellence.

Our continuous innovation ensures that the technology we offer is keeping up with the most recent market demands, not only to produce a perfect potato product but also to maximise the energy efficiency and sustainability of our operations.

We provide more choices when it comes to selecting a new fryer. Choose from natural gas, oil, steam, thermal fluid or electric heating. Optimal product handling, uniform oil heating and flow control, efficient fines removal, fast oil turnover, and clean-in-place sanitation are all part of the fryer package that produces the highest quality product with a long shelf life. Significantly reduce the time and cost of fryer system installation by centralizing oil pumps, filters, valves, piping, and other components on a Fryer Support Module. Specially designed frying system with wire-mesh belt arranging with precise oil heating control and dwell time control get the optimum frying. Peddle arrangement for chips frying.

Oil Filtration, Heating, Cooling & Oil Storage

Remove particulate material from the frying oil to preserve oil quality and to help prevent spoiling of the end-product. While continuous frying operation the oil gets fines released from the product, which degrades the oil quality, in-order to remove those fines we use highly effective oil filtration system designed. More than 50 times the full volume of oil is passed through the filter in each hour of production.

Our cooking oil heating and energy recovery systems are designed to provide high energy efficiency, preserve the quality of the cooking oil, and maintain accurate temperature control for uniform cooking.

Cooling and Freezing

Uses an advanced ambient air-cooling system to rapidly remove heat from recently-fried products at 10 times the rate of competitor products. By undertaking this process prior to freezing, we reduce your freezer and cooling maintenance costs while helping frozen french fries retain taste and quality. IQF Freezer with world class compressor module. French Fries Tunnel Freezer with Air balance system

Handling and Conveying

Potato chips handling requires smart and gentle handling of the potato and chips both stages. Our conveying and product handling systems include product transfer systems, feeders, buffer hoppers and accumulation systems that provide a gentle, smart, and dependable product transfer solution. Hygienic designed and modular system for the food conveying system.


Complete packaging room solutions from in-feed conveyor system to VFFS bagmaker, and everything in-between. Our single-source snack food packaging systems provide leveraged and predictive automation with seamless integration. High end multihead weighing system with high speed VFFS bagger.

Access and Support Structures

The mezzanine and support structure for Peeling, Slicing unit and Packaging Machine. We design customized modular platforms and support structures that dramatically reduce time and cost of equipment installation. All support structures are designed with hygiene and safety in mind.