PACKRACE – Packaging Solution
Under this vertical we provide packaging machines for food and non-food products. We have designed Servo based high speed VFFS bagger for optimum packaging output. Our VFFS bagger can be incorporated with Multihead weigher, Auger filler, Volumetric cup filler and Liquid fillers. Discover the large-scale portfolio of process and packaging solutions for food and non-food products by GRACE Packaging Technology. It covers services and tailored technologies from base models up to innovative high-efficiency machines.

CONVORACE – Conveyors & Distribution Systems
Conveyors is basis need for all factories at this moments. Conveyors system comes under factory automation process, we manufacture wide range of conveyors for various applications. Distribution system plays vital role in food industry for mixing-blending on ingredients, feeding at consistent pace, vertical and horizontal feedings, vibration application, all these come under CONVORACE segment.
POPRACE – Popcorn Processing
Popcorn is one of the oldest snacks, with time and demand, we come up with our segment dedicated with Popcorn Snacks Business. Oil Based popping or Hot air popping both type equipment are available, Sweet or savory both type seasoning equipment are available. GRACE – Processing & Packaging, providing complete automatic system for popcorn processing and packaging. Caramel coated mushroom popcorn are made by our machines are delicious.
FLAVORACE – Seasoning & Coatings
Seasoning Play vital role in Food industry. Right amount and right dose is important, equally essential is how to apply over products with right equipment. GRACE is dedicated is provide accurate solution for seasoning & coating applications, we have developed FLAVORACE segment, particularly for food seasoning and coating process equipment.
DRYORACE – Dry, Bake & Roast
Drying – removal of right amount of moisture is important for shelf-life of product. Drying is crucial in food industry. Right temperature and control for each and every product type. Bake & Roast – Baked snacks are considered healthier, we have continuous and batch process for baking process. We have developed our equipment for high quality baked and roasted snacks for low oil consumption in snacks manufacturing.
XTRURACE – Extrusion Technology
Single-Screw and Twin-Screw Extrusion Technology Food Extruders for Direct puffs snacks for grains products specifically corn and rice as raw materials. Rotary Head Extrusion technology, for Corn stick snacks processing systems in various capacities. High volume production extruder, Forming Extruders for different raw materials we can customize according to customer need. During extrusion, your solid raw materials are mixed, heated, cooked, shaped – all in one process. Our extruder are configured to the specific characteristics of your raw material formulation and the requirement of your end products. Our special shape and cutting processes allow you to create a vast of figures and shapes.
FRYRACE – Food Frying Equipment
Every snack has their best frying point and dwell time, we provide specific fryers for each and every product, we also have option for multipurpose fryer option also. Oil circulation and Oil filtration play important role on oil quality maintaining. We have option for Batch and Continuous fryer equipment in various capacities. Oil may be invisible ingredient in fried foods, but it is clearly stands out as a crucial factor in product quality. FRYRACE, a segment of GRACE treats oil as carefully as your product. Precise temperature control, quick fines removal, timings control makes it possible to produce most consistent fried foods. Our Fryer systems are available in modular and customized designed which reduce the time and cost of installation.