Snack foods are an important part of our diet and constitute one of the fastest-growing segments of the food industry. The rapid expansion of snack food products along with the increasing demand for tailor-made food products have ensured the establishment of innovative snacks processing and packaging venture is the most preferred, safe, sustainable, and growing business at present globally. This fact provides better opportunities for the snack foods industry personnel, consumers, as well as food processing and packaging machine and equipment manufacturing professionals. The focus of the snack foods industry is to improve the quality and stability of traditional snacks or to launch novel products with enhanced nutritional value, health-oriented, functional attributes, more convenient packaging, and improved sensory properties such as flavor, aroma, taste, etc.

What are snack foods and their types or composition?

Snacks food are ready-to-eat foods commonly with salty flavorings. Each snacks food processing and packaging company may use a specific unit operation and somewhat different technologies to produce unique, innovative, and consumers’ based snacks. Snack manufacturers, packagers, exporters use three main terms to identify the snacks food:

1. First-generation Snack Foods: This is the simplest category of snacks in which all the natural products used for processing snacks such as nuts, potato chips, and popped popcorn, are included. These snack foods are produced from popcorn, peanuts, nuts, dehydrated fruits, and related items.

2. Second-generation Snack Foods: The majority of the snacks fall into the second-generation snack category that includes:

 (i) The single-ingredient snacks

(ii) Simple-shaped formed products obtained after direct extrusion (corn chips, puffed or expanded corn products, balls, and curls) or

(iii) By cutting/sheeting/forming such as regular-fabricated potato chips, tortilla chips, and pretzels.

3. Third-generation Snack Foods (also known as half-products or pellets). These snacks are produced from extruded pellets that are commonly fried and flavored. Such snacks and pellets are processed by using multi-ingredients, made by extrusion cooking.

Regardless of different opinion among dietitians, snacks foods are increasing in popularity and preference in diverse categories of consumers in India and across the continents due to their flavor, their convenience, and change of food habits. The new trend is the development of nutritious and health-promoting snacks.


Profitable & Sustainable Business of Corn & Potato Snack Foods

Global Market Growth

 Since snacks food consumers prefer low-carbohydrate diets, old and new snacks processing companies are developing new corn and potato snacks with low fat and salt. Vegetable-based alternatives like cauliflower, etc. are mainly utilized in corn and potato snacks products range.

Shareable Corn & Potato Snacks Products in the Market Increasing 

Shareable corn and potato snacks and food products are the latest elements in the corn and potato snacks market. Increasing consumer habit of snacking and partying has increased the demand for shareable potato snack products. Therefore corn and potato snacks processing and packaging industries all over the world are moving towards new and bigger-sized packages of potato snacks products to enhance their business in the corn and potato snacks market. This has led in increasing demand of corn and potato snacks processing machines and equipment in India, the Middle East, African countries, and North & South America from new start-ups visionaries investing in snacks food processing and packaging sector.

Global Cookery Restoring Frozen Potato Snacks

Potato and its food products are among the most consumed food items in the world. Every country across the world has a variety of potato snacks range and food products, which represent the taste and flavor of that particular country. Consumers all over the world are adopting the cuisines of different countries to experience varied variety in taste and flavor. Regional diversities of the world offer their own specialty of frozen potato snacks food products worldwide that are worth trying to compare quality, taste, and take the best option according to preferences, procurement, price, and health-friendly. A wide variety of frozen potato snacks is positively impacting the potato snacks market globally. As a result different snacks processing machines manufacturing companies are making innovative automatic new technologies based machines and equipment for old and new snacks food products making industries and one of them is Grace Food Processing & Packaging Machinery.

Increasing Snacking Habit of Consumers Benefiting Corn & Potato Snacks Business

Snacks Making Machine Manufacturer
Snacks Making Machine Manufacturer

The snacking habit increasing across the categories of population throughout the world, as consumers are moving toward replacing meal with snacks. Additional nutrients in a day are one of the reasons for consumers shifting to snacking. Potato snacks, including dehydrated potatoes, frozen potatoes, and chips are some of the favorite snacks liked by consumers in India and overseas. As such, corn and potato snacks processing and supplying companies are broadening their portfolios to gain extra profits in the corn and potato snacks market space. This snacking habit of consumers has increased the demand of snacks food making machines and equipment in all countries across the continents from Grace Food Processing & Packaging Machinery.

COVID-19 & Potato Snacks Market

The ongoing health crisis around COVID-19 has affected all walks of life. The level of impact on processed agricultural products is mainly due to the seasonality of the crop. However, as compared to other food products, potato-based snacks food products have been impacted less due to the pandemic. Potato based products are a staple in almost all regions, and thus, the demand for potato snacks is comparatively stable even during this pandemic. Products such as chips, frozen potato food, canned potatoes, dehydrated potatoes, and other similar products are popular among consumers all parts of the world. The shelf-life of these potato snacks are high, and they can be stored for a long time at home. As a result, consumer preference for potato snacks has been high during this lockdown period. Thus the sustainability of potato snacks food business even during COVID-19 has protected and motivated the potato snacks manufacturer and other newcomers in food business to strengthen and expand potato-based snacks variety products in the market.

ConclusionThe global potato-based snacks food market is witnessing sustainability of old business and their average growth even during pandemic of coronavirus spread across the world. Key players in the global potato snacks market could increase their profits by targeting retail sales and the foodservice industry, as potato-based products are popular and most preferred among consumers in every corner of the world. This trend of potato snacks increase has enhanced the demand of potato snacks making and packaging machines from their processing machines manufacturers in all parts of the world. Moreover potato snacks food products processing and packaging industries should focus on the strategy of strategic alliances/partnerships with regional foodservice providers as well as distributors in different countries like the Middle East, Africa, North & South America, Asia & the Pacific in order to increase their market presence and product offerings in the global potato snacks market.

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