You are currently viewing Popular Snacks Like Potato Chips, Corn Puffs, Kurkure, Pellet Chips Processing Machines Manufacturer & Suppliers from India

Popular Snacks Like Potato Chips, Corn Puffs, Kurkure, Pellet Chips Processing Machines Manufacturer & Suppliers from India

 Grace Food Processing and Packaging Machinery  is the most reliable and trusted brand in the manufacturing, supplying, distribution, and export of quality Snacks like Corn Puffs, Pellet Chips, Kurkure & Potato Chips Processing & Packaging Machines and other equipment across the world like USA, UK, Brazil, Brunei, Egypt, Bangladesh, Nepal, Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and other MENA countries. Most of the food and snacks companies in 30 countries of 5 continents preferred and installed Grace Food processing and packaging machines for their food and snacks products.

Grace Food Processing and Packaging Machinery is a leader in food and snacks processing and packaging machines and specific equipment manufacturing and supplying to its valuable customers in Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, and South America for different snacks products such as:

  • Corn Puffs Snack Line
  • Kurkure Snack Line
  • Potato Chips Lines
  • Pellets Chips Snack Frying Line
  • Matar Frying Line
  • Popcorn Processing Line and more

Why is the Grace Food a global standard for snacks making machines?

We at Grace Food Processing and Packaging Machinery are very confident, proud, and curious to assist food and snacks i.e. ready to eat industries in making their food and snacks products premium brands with supply, installation of our quality and ISO 9001:2015 certified Snacks like Corn Puffs, Kurkure & Potato Chips Processing Machines and other equipment. And we also provides training how to operate and take care of the system to our customers after installation of processing machines. We are known for giving post installation services round the corner to our clients whenever required across the continents. Grace Food’s customers all over the world are producing tons of high-quality snacks and other RTE most preferred branded products that satisfy millions of consumers all over the world.

Grace Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Corn Puffs Snacks processing machine uses corn grit and other ingredients mixed together and extrude through the short screw and high shear model extrusion technology. To make quality corn puffs crunchy and tasty in different shapes the machine systems uses different specific equipment such as:

• Mixer,
• Extruder (single screw, twin screw, short screw and high shear models),
• Rotating drum dryer,
• Flavoring equipment,
• Slurry mixer, and
• Buffer silo.

Thus under corn puffs processing line the different popular names are produced like:

  • Corn curls,
  • Corn puffs,
  • Grains puffs,
  • Cheese balls,
  • Corn Rings, etc.

Grace Food fully automatic kurkure production line machine is a compilation of the following equipment:

  • Mixer
  • Rotary head extruder
  • Separator
  • Frying system
  • Continuous oil filter
  • De-oiling equipment
  • Slurry mixer
  • Coating drum
  • Oil heating system

This kurkure line machine produces the fried and flavored corn stick popular snacks under various name like:

  • Kurkure,
  • Nik naks,
  • Cheetos, and
  • Many more. 

Automatic & Economic Potato Chips Lines of Grace Food so precisely and technically designed are considered very popular chips processing machines for their quality, flavor, and consumers most wanted crispy and tasty potato crisp ready to eat snacks in different countries globally.

Grace Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Automatic & Economic Potato Chips Lines machines are designed by most qualified and experienced professionals with the help of latest modern world technologies which consists of various production equipment such as:

  • De-stoner
  • Peeler
  • Slicer
  • Blancher
  • Frying System
  • Oil Filter
  • Coating drum

Grace Food Processing and Packaging Machinery is the Partner of its Customers’ Progress & Growth

Grace Food Processing and Packaging Machinery focuses and gives emphasis on quality, efficiency, and productivity of its food and snacks processing and packaging machines manufactured and supplied to customers all around the world. Grace Food believes in building long term relation and not doing short term business with its customers for its survival, existence and progress in the competitive global market.

Grace Food Processing and Packaging Machinery processing and packaging machines systems are designed by our research & development team of qualified professional and technical experts and manufactured to give efficient and required capacities with minimum running cost in the market. This is the reason why Grace Food is famous and the most popular brand in snacks and food industries for the manufacturing and supplying of customized processing and packaging machines across the 5 continents all over the world.

Grace Food Processing and Packaging Machinery is working round the corner to commensurate with the latest software in the food and snacks industry used each passing day and time to enhance the knowledge and skill of our professionals for designing and manufacturing innovative processing machines for a better return as per customer requirements and specifications. Thus we offer reliable technology, built for high performance processing machines and liked by premium brands in 30 countries all over the world.

The Grace Food Processing and Packaging Machinery snacks processing machines are manufactured in its state- of-the-art factory with all required equipment and machines supported by latest technologies for assuring guarantee of originality. The machines are designed, developed, and created with customer daily practice keeping in mind for producing innovative healthy snacking concepts that respond to consumers’ needs, today and into the future. Over the last decade the concept has been tailored to new market evolutions and specific demands. And so every new client will benefit from our considerable years of experience if they are continually seeking to raise the bar for their products. Grace Food is the value-adding partner you are looking for your very successful food and snacks business.

Customers’ Satisfaction is our Strengths

We at Grace Food Processing and Packaging Machinery always ready to satisfy our customers by delivering world standard processing machines and quality services in the following ways:

  • Beginning to end solutions for processing to make your every food and snacks product world brand.
  • Training to your employees how to operate snacks processing and packaging machines.
  • Highly skilled and dedicated after sale service support.
  • Years of experience in designing and automation of various international and regional snack food products.
  • We provide full import solution right from procurement up to delivery of machine and equipment to your doorstep and commissioning with the competitive cost at present in the world market.
  • Give an opportunity to prove our assurances and commitment in developing your venture to optimum level globally.

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